Photo Friday: Swiss Swans

By Alexis

Swans and boats on Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

What kind of heavenly city has dozens of swans perfectly placed in their lakes at all hours of the day?

Geneva, Switzerland, that’s where.

The whole city just feels like a painting come to life. With gorgeous historic architecture, amazing food, and breathtaking natural scenery, this walkable city is one of our favorite places in the world.

The town itself is right on the Swiss/French border, which allows you all the benefits of two classic European cultures. I mean, French pain au chocolat for breakfast and Swiss chocolates for dessert? Don’t mind if I do…

Swans like the ones above can be found all around the shore of Lake Geneva — which is situated right in the center of town — simply adding to the fairy tale feeling of the place. This particular photo was taken near the famous Jet d’Eau — an awesome water spout in the middle of the lake that shoots water 450 feet into the air.

After spending a few days there in 2013, Geneva’s definitely become one of the top places we’d like to live someday. We always talk about how lucky and cultured our future kids would be if they grew up in Geneva…at the very least they’d speak French, German, AND English. If Switzerland weren’t so dang expensive, I think we’d be sipping hot chocolate in the foothills of the Alps as we speak.

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