A Wonderful Hair Salon in Chiang Mai

By Alexis

I’ll make a confession: I am a big wimp when it comes to my hair. I have parted my hair in the exact same spot since, oh I don’t know, 6th grade, and have basically had the same “type” of haircut all my life.

Recently I’ve been feeling the urge (and the bravery) to try something new, so this afternoon, I bit the bullet and made an appointment to finally do something new with my long, straight hair.


My hair was…really long.

On the recommendation of Angela from the blog Tieland to Thailand, a fellow American expat and digital nomad, I set up an appointment with New York New York Hair Studio, just off Nimmanhaemin road in Chiang Mai.

I could not have been more pleased with the experience!

I booked an appointment over the phone — or more accurately, Google Voice — this morning, and when I arrived, I was happy to be seated with my (super chic) stylist right away. When you arrive, they give you an iPad to look up pictures of the exact style you want, which is handy in case of any potential translation difficulties, but my stylist spoke English perfectly, so no worries there.

I explained a couple of ideas I had for my new hair style and that I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted since I’m normally pretty low maintenance. Together, we decided on a side swipe bang and mid-length cut. Perfect.

After the consultation, we did a quick shampoo/conditioner which was lovely. With cool jazz covers of pop music playing in the background, you get a warm-water rinse and a short but heavenly head massage. The wash also included a minute with a steamed aromatic towel over your hair, which was an unexpected spa-like treat.

The cut turned out exactly like we discussed, and the stylist even made finishing touches (at her suggestion) in the end to make sure everything was perfect. She was sweet, listened to what I wanted, spoke English wonderfully, and was confident in her skills.

For the wash, cut, styling, and tip it came to a grand total of 500 THB (about $16 USD). Not bad, not bad at all.

If you’re nervous about changing your hair style, especially abroad, rest assured that New York New York Hair Studio will take care of you. I felt like I was in great hands and am so happy with how my new hair has turned out.


Before (left) and after (right)


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