We May or May Not Have Eaten Dog in SE Asia

By Alexis

At my school’s New Year’s party the other night, there were tables full of delicious foods. Pad Thai, onion rings, even fresh veggies and salad. Before the party, I had heard there would also be a roast pig, but when we saw what was actually rotating on the spit, uh, let’s just say it did not look like a pig…

Mystery meat roasting on a spit in Thailand


As politely as I could, I used my limited Thai to ask the guys cooking what kind of meat it was. They swore it was a “little cow.” I really hope so…

I’m definitely getting braver in my eating habits since we’ve moved to Asia (still and always will refuse the coagulated blood soup though, yuck), so we gave it a try.

Is it bad if I say it was delicious?


8 Weird Things About Thailand

8 Weird Things About Thailand

These are things that neither make me love nor hate Thailand — they’re all just things that I find kind of weird.

1. Monks Are People Too

Before moving to Thailand, I had this perception that monks were these ultra-holy beings that live separate from the common man. I’m sure they are indeed very holy, but they’re also just normal people. They walk around the streets, catch taxies, get slurpees at 7-11, laugh with their buddies, etc. They’re not that much different than you and me.

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