Our Next Trip: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand

Our flights have officially been booked! We’re heading down south for some beach time in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southern Thailand in a few weeks!

Our October trip makes for a nice diamond loop.

Alexis has a three week break from school in October, and since I have the luxury of setting my own schedule and working from wherever I want, we’re using that time to do some island hopping in Southeast Asia. Taking trips like this is one of the main things we were most excited about when we moved to Thailand so we’re really looking forward to this trip.

Our first stop: Malaysian Borneo. Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and the name alone elicits excitement and wonderment. Our main reason for going is to see wild orangutans which inhabit the island. There are many tours that operate orangutan jungle treks, and one of the coolest sounding ones was actually in Indonesian Borneo (the island is split down the middle: Malaysia owning the north half, Indo the south half) but we figured we should go the Malaysian half since we had other plans for Indonesia.

Those plans being… Bali and Lombok. Bali is a predicament for us. We’ve wanted to go for so long and even considered living there for a while instead of Thailand, but 99% of what we’ve read about Bali is how it’s so touristy, overpopulated, and essentially ruined now. We’ve been wanting to go for so long though that we would’ve felt really bad never going. But we’re nervous. Nervous that we’re really not going to like it.

Our hope is that 1) if we have low expectations, perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised and 2) one of the biggest things freelance writing has taught me is how phony most of the writing online is. Everyone just copies each other and writes the exact same thing, even if they have no idea if it’s true or not. So perhaps this is the case with Bali. A few people who have actually been there started saying that and now that’s the popular opinion because a disproportionate amount of ill-informed people are now saying the same thing.

But really, how could we not enjoy the Hanging Gardens Ubud.

What the masses of people also say is that Lombok is what Bali used to be. Again, who knows if that’s true, but it’s all we have to go on. Lombok is the island just east of Bali and flights between the islands are really cheap, like $23 USD cheap. While we’re there, we want to take a day trip to Gili Trawangan, a smaller island just off the coast of Lombok.

From Lombok, we’ll head back to Thailand and spend some time in Krabi and Ko Lanta. I think this is the part of the trip I’m most excited about. I really miss the beach and I wonder all the time what it would’ve been like if we had stayed in Southern Thailand instead moving to Chiang Mai.

Hopefully by this point we’ve had ample beach time and are burnt to a crisp as we head back to Chiang Mai just in time for the Loy Krathong Lantern Festival on October 25th. Every time I see pictures of this annual event I get so excited that we’ll get to be a part of it in a few short weeks.

Have you been to any of these places? Got any suggestion for us? Please let us know in the comments!

Make sure to look out for trip reports on all these places. October can’t come soon enough!


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