Photo Friday: Bali’s Blue Point

There’s this thing I do sometimes with places I’ve visited…I close my eyes and conjure up a colorful mental snapshot of the place. In my memory, for example, London is all white and matte grays. Nice, France on the other hand is muted orange and sandy browns. And Bali is pure blue. Have you ever noticed that? That an entire place can be summed up in a single color or two?

David and I ended up spending a month and a half in Indonesia to cap off our year in Asia, and when I scroll through the photos that I took there, there’s just an overwhelming sense of blue. Every shade: Light skies, sparkly turquoise waters, and blue-black nights.

This shot in particular is one of my new favorites because I think it captures the ocean-centric vibe of southern Bali where we spent most of our time.

There are lots of world-renowned surf spots on Bali, but the area pictured here, Uluwatu, has got to be in the top three. David’s little brother couldn’t wait to surf there, and even though our hotel was about 30 minutes away, we ended up getting a driver to take us to Uluwatu twice because we liked it so much. It’s a really unique beach, with a carved stone stairway leading down to a little cove where you can get into the water. Locals place Hindu offerings on the rocks making the whole area smell like incense. At low tide, there are caves and crevices you can sneak through to make your way over to a stretch of sand known as Blue Point. Anybody can see where the place got it’s name…the ocean blues are stunning and perfect for picture taking.

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Photo Friday: Swiss Engagement Spot

Since we just had our one year wedding anniversary, I’m still on a sappy love high and wanted to do a Photo Friday post showcasing the spot where we got engaged.

In May 2013, David and I took a trip around Europe. We’d been together for three years at that point, but somehow we had never taken a trip with just the two of us before! So we wanted to make the most of it. In two weeks, we visited Iceland, France, Monaco, and last but not least: Switzerland.

Little did I know, David had been carrying around a very important piece of jewelry the entire trip, just waiting for the right moment to reveal it. He was so good at hiding it! I would have been bursting at the seams with a secret like that! But he kept his cool until May 30th, one of the last days of the trip, when we decided to visit Harder Kulm, a mountain with an incredible panoramic view of Interlaken, Switzerland. There, David walked me back to a private area of the woods, got down on one knee, and proposed.

Sometimes, I can’t believe my own life. That sounds terrible and snobby, but if I’m being honest, I get super duper excited when I think about the fact that I got engaged in Switzerland. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! So glad I found a romantic travel addict like myself ❤

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Photo Friday: Look Up in London

By Alexis 

Well…my laptop has finally crapped out on me after about six months of threatening to do so. It hasn’t even turned on for three days now. *sigh* I can still post from my phone (like I’m doing now), but I don’t have access to any of my photos or editing software that’s on my computer, soooooo there may be a lack of posts until I can get it fixed or get a new one. Luckily I have everything backed up, but boo for unwanted expenses.

So for this post, I was limited to the handful of photos I had saved to my phone. This one of St. Paul’s cathedral has, for some reason, always been one of my favorite pictures. I think this was taken at the beginning of my love affair with VSCO Cam filters (which has a free iPhone app!), and I used one of the black and white filters (likely the X1 filter since that one makes my heart pitter patter) to process this shot.

St. Paul’s is located in downtown London, close to tons of historic and touristy spots including a scenic bridge that takes you across to the Tate Modern museum. When we wandered into the Tate Modern one day, there happened to be a massive fashion show going on, with paparazzi and 7 foot tall models walking down a dimly lit runway. That’s one of the reasons I like London: there’s always something exciting going on.

When we were living in London last year, it helped us learn that when we eventually settle down, it probably won’t be in a huge city. It helped us see that we’re more into the “small city” pace of life, I think. But, just like in Chiang Mai, I found things to love about the big city, and that included walking around and stumbling upon all the sights. It’s impossible not to find something cool while you’re wandering around. London’s huge but it’s surprisingly walkable! When we had just moved there, we spent one day just walking miles around the city with our friends, all in the freezing rain but determined to see the sights. Worth it. 

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Photo Friday: Thai Nights

By Alexis

We’ve been in Sanur, Bali for about a week and a half now and today’s the day we get back on the move! We’re heading over to a new place in Balangan, Bali where we’ll be stressed about my unemployment relax in the sun for a couple weeks. We’ll be staying in a pretty sweet looking bungalow that’s walking distance to the beach and even has a pool! Perfect for shark-a-phobes like me 🙂 But first, the question is how we’re physically getting over there…I can’t seem to figure out the bus system here and I feel like the hour long cab ride is going to be super expensive since (I’m pretty sure) we got ripped off on our first taxi ride from the airport despite our best efforts to wait for a good offer. Oh well. We’re headed out to find transport in about an hour. Wish us luck! I’m excited to start sharing all my Bali photos, but for now…

Here’s just one of my many Thailand temple pictures for today’s Photo Friday post. It’s a snapshot of Wat Inthakin in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Situated right on a main vein of the Sunday night market in the Old City, this small but often photographed temple is particularly impressive long after the sun has gone down. It literally sparkles in the night.

I didn’t always enjoy my time in Thailand, but one thing I really never tired of was wandering around all the pretty Buddhist temples that are sprinkled about the Old City, a place that I once heard has the highest density of Buddhist temples in the world. Wonder if that’s true! I’d believe it because they seriously are everywhere.

Find Wat Inthakin (sometimes spelled Wat Inthakhin) here…

Photo Friday: Back in Bali

By Alexis

We’re back! We loved our visit to Bali last October, so when David’s mom and little brother said they were intrested in taking a surf vacation here, we knew we had to come back and meet up with them.

The photo above was snapped out the car window during a day-long private tour of the island (a highly recommended activity in Indonesia! Only costs about $40 USD). One thing I really like about Bali is the diverse scenery. There’s beautiful green rice paddies like the ones pictures here, but drive a while in any different direction and you’ll come across hills, lakes, volcanic rocks, ocean fronts, or bustling cities. Foggy mountain tops and sandy beaches all in one day — it’s really quite lovely.

Last time, we stayed near Jimbaran beach on the southwestern part of the island, and this time we wanted to explore another area: Sanur. So far, I’m not sure the beach is quite up to the Jimbaran level of awesomeness, but the neighborhood is great! There are tons of little shops, quaint cafes, and great cheap restaurants on par with Thai street food prices. Sanur doesn’t feel overly crowded — just enough people to make it feel busy and comfortable. And speaking of people, they’ve all been really nice! I haven’t felt unwelcome once. We forgot to get enough cash for dinner on our first night here, but the waitresses were sooo sweet about it, even driving David themselves to the ATM since it was pretty far to walk. Just one example of the awesome people here.

Once David’s family gets here on May 1st, we’ll be moving over to Balangan where the boys will hopefully be able to get some good waves. Then, I’m SO excited because we’re going to be in Ubud (near the rice terraces) for a couple weeks before our one year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we got married…we just left for the honeymoon and never looked back! Crazy how time flies when you’re on the road!

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