The Perfect American Roadtrip

By David

Self-titled “data tinkerer,” Randy Olson, has created the perfect roadtrip across America. Pouring over this map has taken up many hours over the past couple days. I love maps and I love roadtrips, so naturally, this is the best thing ever.

Using an algorithm and some Python code, he took 50 historical sites from the continental U.S., making sure every state and the District of Columbia was represented, and found the shortest route between them. You can read his full post explaining the process here. Continue reading


A Visual Tour of Where We’ll Be Living in 2015

April: Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong



May: Bali, Indonesia

Jimbaran Beach, Bali, Indonesia


June: Pokhara, Nepal

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Our 2015 Monthly Country Itinerary

By David

Our Monthly Country itinerary is set! We’ve mentioned this a few times over the past couple months, but now we’ve made the adventure official: We have paid for our monthly homes for the rest of 2015!

Just for fun, here’s a little visual tour of where we’ll be traveling, displayed in weather…

IMG_1984IMG_1985IMG_1986 Continue reading

How Expensive is Japan? A Comparison of 5 Cities

By David

One month from today we’ll be in Japan! I don’t know if you’ve ever planned a family trip where everyone is spread throughout the world before, but let me tell you — it’s not easy. But we finally have the cities and dates set.

It will be a bit of a whirlwind tour as we’ll be stopping in 5 cities over the course of 15 days. Those 5 cities are: Sendai, Hirosaki, Tokyo, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto.

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Why It’s Important To Leave Online Reviews

By David

Back in October, we rented an apartment in Bali for a few days through Airbnb. Like all of our Airbnb experiences, the host was nice, everything went smoothly, and we had a great time. Something interesting happened after we checked out though.

After we checked out, I left this review:

leaving reviews on airbnb

I thought I was really fair. I didn’t want to be mean, just honest. I made it very clear that despite the downsides of the apartment, I’m glad we stayed there and we had a good time. But a few hours later, this was the response I got from the host: Continue reading