About Us

We are Mr. and Mrs. Rose, two lovebirds who got married in Hawaii on May 30, 2014. After that, we packed our bags and hopped on a one-way flight to Thailand to begin our nomadic adventures.

Alexis grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and since her first trip abroad at age 14, she’s been addicted to traveling the world. David grew up in Kaneohe, Hawaii and was also bitten by the travel bug at a young age. Together, we are aiming to see as much of the world as we can before it’s time to settle down and set up that white picket fence at home (wherever that may be).


Interlaken, Switzerland (on the day we got engaged!)

For the story of how we ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand, start here.

For a list of everywhere we’ve been, check out our country tally here.

For posts about our current home, check out our “Thailand” archives here.

Have a question, comment, or just want to say hello? Get in touch here!


13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi, I only recently found your blog so I haven’t read too many posts yet, but from what I can see i think you might be interested in this…

    The reason I’m commenting is I have started a new weekly feature on my blog called Mixed up Mixtapes where each week I choose a theme (based around life living and working abroad) and I pick 5 songs that sum up that theme for me, sharing them in a blog post.

    Basically I’m reaching out to other bloggers out there and inviting them to make their own Mixed up Mixtape post based on the theme. This week’s theme is homesickness…


    If you are interested, feel free to make a post and just put a link back to my post somewhere and use the tag: mixed up mixtapes. I will be sharing other people’s contributions so you will likely get some extra visits from the followers of my blog 🙂

    Thanks! Kylie


    • (Oops, for some reason this comment was in our spam folder) You are too sweet, nominating us for everything!! We’ve got a Liebster draft going and we’ll work on the One Lovely Blog Award now too 🙂 Thank you! Appreciate your support.

      Liked by 1 person

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