Save Money While Traveling With These Two Credit Cards

By David

I feel validated. One of my favorite bloggers, Lucky from One Mile At A Time, published the post “The 2 Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards” yesterday. The two cards he points out:

I feel validated because these are the two cards I carry with me at all times. Lucky knows way more about miles and points than I ever will so if my thinking is in line with his, I know I’m doing something right. This guy is probably the most extreme case of mile-collectors I’ve heard of. He goes through so many airline miles and hotel points that he lives in hotels year-round. He literally doesn’t have a home base.

Anyways, avoiding foreign transaction fees is crucial to smart travel. Although it’s hard in Thailand where things are mostly cash-based, I use my credit card as often as I can. I want to take every possible opportunity to collect miles, but the miles themselves aren’t worth it if you’re simultaneously being charged foreign transaction fees.

That’s why the two cards above should be everyone’s go-to cards on the road. ROTR-approved and now officially Lucky-approved.

Check out our free travel page for more information on flying for free as well as other miles and points bloggers I follow.


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