Fun Facts! I “Mustache” You Some Questions

rotr i mustache you some questions

Mani from A New Life Wandering tagged us in a fun quick-facts post a couple days ago. We’re gonna cheat a little and do two each. Here we go…

Four names people call me other than my real name.

David of Alexis:
1. Lex
2. BL (baby love)

Alexis of David:
3. Babe
4. Darls or darling

Four jobs I’ve had.

1. International Business Development Manager of the Saylor Academy
2. Solar panel installer

3. News Coordinator for National Geographic
4. Archaeologist with the Klamath National Forest

Four movies I would/have watched more than once.

1. North Shore
2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

3. Paris Je t’aime
4. Mean Girls

Four books I’d recommend.

1. The Good Earth
2. Anthem

3. Bossypants
4. Escape

Four places I have lived.

1. Hawaii (Kaneohe and Hilo)
2. Washington, D.C.
3. London, England
4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Four places I have been.

1. Iceland
2. Borneo
3. Monaco
4. Bali

Four places I’d rather be right now.

1. Gili Air, Indonesia
2. Geneva, Switzerland

3. Paris
4. Hawaii

Four things I don’t eat.

We’ll both try almost anything so this is more like, “Four things we’d really rather not eat.”

1. Olives
2. Pickles

3. Most seafood
4. Non-well done red meat

Four of my favorite foods.

1. Fajitas
2. Cereal

3. All Mexican food
4. Avocados

Four TV shows that I watch.

1. Survivor
2. Game of Thrones
3. New Girl
4. Modern Family

Four things I am looking forward to this year (2015).

1. Being married to Alexis for 1 year
2. Seeing my family in April

3. Focusing more on my photography
4. Sprechen wieder Deutsch

Four things I’m always saying.

Alexis: I’m hungry.
David: I’m not.
Alexis: I’m not tired.
David: I am.

P.S. If you want to read more fun facts about us, check out our Liebster Award post and our Very Inspiring Blogger Award post.


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