Photo Friday: Views From Our Apartment

By David

Yes, you read that right… By David. I’m stepping in this week with a Photo Friday guest post (don’t all let out a sigh of disappoint at once).

Because I’m so obviously not as talented as my amazing wife, I didn’t want to throw one picture up here touting its quality and have you all be supremely underwhelmed. So I thought I would share a small collection of photos — photos that provide a glimpse into our daily lives.

If you’ll excuse the poor quality, the photos below show one of our favorite things about living in Thailand: the amazing sunrises, sunsets, and general sky-scapes. And the best part? We take in these sights without ever leaving out apartment.

sunrise in chiang mai thailand

Cotton candy sunrise.

rainbow over doi suthep in chiang mai thailand

Rainbow over Doi Suthep.

puffy thai clouds from chiang mai

Alexis loves the puffy Thai clouds.

thai birds and clouds

Birds flying over.

chiang mai thailand sunset

The daily multi-colored sunsets are incredible.

sunset in chiang mai thailand

The colors only get better as the sky purples.

I just got back from Kuala Lumpur (more on this soon), so I guess I’m feeling glad to be home 🙂


Nice comments only, please :)

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