Photo Friday: Cloud Catcher in Switzerland

By Alexis

Clouds caught on a mountain near Interlaken, Switzerland

If I could afford to spend the rest of my days in Switzerland, I would move there tomorrow without hestiation. It’s such a spectacularly beautiful country. The landscape ranges from gorgeous green fields to snow-capped mountains, making it feel like heaven pretty much anytime of the year.

This photo was snapped in the mountains near Interlaken while David was off being brave (i.e. bungee-jumping into a canyon) while I was off being an introvert, quietly taking pictures of the scenery. That’s pretty much how our relationship goes: David does something awesome, and I document it.

And I’m okay with that 🙂

ALSO, today just so happens to be that same gorgeous, brave, amazing guy’s birthday! Exactly one year ago today, we were exploring the tiny town of Martigny, Switzerland. Wish we were there again today, but a sunny day in Thailand will have to suffice for now.

Happy birthday, darling David ❤

P.S. For more Photo Friday images, check out the archives here.


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