Update: Air Asia ASEAN Pass

By Alexis

UPDATE Feb. 14, 2015: The AirAsia ASEAN Pass is live! Check here for the details.

A few months ago, I wrote about Air Asia’s plan to sell an ASEAN Pass, which would allow you to travel to 10 countries for a single, minimal cost. Well, as you know, the recent plane crash of flight QZ8501 took the lives of everyone on board and immediately (and rightfully) became the company’s top priority. The news is so sad, and I’m not sure if I would still even be interested in buying the pass if it were available, but I did want to share any potential updates. Would they be putting the ASEAN Pass on hold? Or scrapping it altogether?

I did a quick search for an update and found a post by Points With a Crew, a blogger who reached out to Air Asia directly about the ASEAN Pass release. They told him:

Hi, Thank you for your query and interest on the AirAsia Asean Pass. The product is currently not available for purchase yet and is expected to be made available within the first quarter of this year. We look forward to launch this highly anticipated product commercially and will keep the public posted via our social media platforms. Thank you.

So, for those of you still interested in the pass, it sounds like the release is currently on hold. But given the vague “is expected to be made available” phrasing, I’m not holding my breath.


2 thoughts on “Update: Air Asia ASEAN Pass

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