Where Are We Headed in 2015?

By Alexis

Silhouette of palm tree and Buddhist temple, Wat Phra Singh, in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A recent snapshot on the walk home from my school in Chiang Mai (featuring Wat Phra Singh)

In 2014, we lived in England, Hawaii, and Thailand, and we visited Switzerland, Malaysia, Laos, and Indonesia. For 2015, we’ve got even bigger travel plans. We have just officially BOOKED the first 5 months of travel! Eep! 😀

So here’s where the first half of 2015 will take us…

Present – March 31 : Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’ll finish up my school year and say a teary goodbye to all my students. I am not kidding about the teary part. I’m already sad just thinking about never seeing them again *sniff.* But our time in Thailand must come to end sometime and thinking about the future places we’ll go (and the fact that we’re getting out of crazy Thailand) makes me feel much more content about leaving.

March 31 – April 15 : Japan

We’re doing a big family trip where we’ll tour the country by train, from Sendai in the north all the way to Kumumoto in the south. We’ll be meeting up with David’s dad, step-mom, and two older brothers, and since the 3 guys all used to live in Japan, they’ll be able to show us their old stomping grounds. David’s ancestors are also from southern Japan, so it’ll be cool to check out his family heritage.

April 15 – 19 : Hong Kong

One of the many reasons I love David: He is so great at finding travel deals! We have time to kill before meeting up with David’s mom on May 1st (see below), and David realized that a straight flight from Japan to Indonesia is more expensive than three separate flights: Japan to Hong Kong // Hong Kong to Singapore // Singapore to Indonesia. So we decided to make a trip out of it! All told, it was $274 USD pp for the 3 flights, when it would have been $350 to go straight from Japan to Indonesia. We are SAVING money by taking a trip 🙂

April 19 – 22 : Singapore

Because, why not??

April 22 – May 1 : Ubud, Indonesia

Unoriginal I know, but I’ve always dreamed of riding a bicycle through the rice paddies of Bali, just like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love (like this!). And staying in Ubud for a couple days would give me that exact opportunity.

May 1 – May 13 : Balangan, Indonesia

David’s mom and little brother are coming to Bali to surf the days away for a couple weeks, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to meet up with them!

May 13 – May 29 : Some beach town, Indonesia

David’s biggest regret about our time in Thailand has been that we chickened out in the south and made the safe choice to settle down in Chiang Mai up north, a city nowhere near the country’s famously beautiful beaches. So for a couple weeks in Indonesia, we’ll try and make up for lost time by living as close to the beach as possible. We just gotta decide which one…Gili Islands? Nusa Lembongan? Who knows!

May 30 : One Year Wedding Anniversary in Bali!

We want to splurge on a fancy hotel, hopefully on a white sand beach in the southern part of Bali or in a magical jungle house in the middle. I’ve been doing tons of research online (you can follow my anniversary Pinterest board here) and I’m just drooling over all the amazing options.

View from the Paresa Resort Cliff Pool Villa Phuket Thailand

Wherever we end up for our one year anniversary, it’s got some stiff competition with our honeymoon hotel though. (Cliff Pool Villa at Paresa Resort — Phuket, Thailand)

After that, there have been two options we’ve been seriously discussing. We’re thinking:

A) I’d try to get a TEFL job in Germany and we’d live there long-term


B) We’d try to live in one new country every month, hopefully living in twelve countries, on six continents, in twelve months

We’d still love to do the Germany option, but my research on the visa process is seriously deterring us (especially after the hassle we’ve been going through trying to get David on a different Thai visa, ugh… that story is here).

So, weighing all of our options, we have decided to move full steam ahead with living in a new country every month!

We are working out budgets, looking at flights, researching examples of other couples who’ve done this, and laying the groundwork to actually make this dream happen. We’ve got a tentative schedule laid out for the countries we’d live in (the plan right now still has us starting in Germany), and I can’t wait till it’s more concrete and I can lay all the details out here 🙂

Can’t wait to see where 2015 takes us!


12 thoughts on “Where Are We Headed in 2015?

  1. Sounds exciting! Can we sneak in your luggage and travel with you?? Can’t wait to read about your adventures. For now, the hubs and I have to live vicariously through others but one day we hope to be country hopping as well! Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  2. Sounds amazing! Have you looked into the part of Indonesia north of Sulawesi? Little islands like Bunaken and Siladen have little bungalows you can rent right on the beach with beautiful coral reefs. It’s definitely more “roughing it” than Bali but is a lot of fun!


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