The Secret to Feeling Pretty Abroad

By Alexis

A rare night of dress up for Alexis Rose in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A rare night of dress up in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Traveling around the world is definitely glamorous on paper, but it ain’t so glamorous in person. And I mean that in the literal sense of the word…it’s hard to look chic and beautiful when you’ve been living out a backpack, wearing the same worn out jeans, and stomping around dirty southeast Asian streets in a pair of old Nikes for weeks on end.

But here’s my secret to feeling pretty while living on the road…

Bring a pair of high heels.

But Alexis, you’re saying, I have limited suitcase space! Or maybe, I’ll never wear them!

Just trust me. Do it. You will feel so much more…lovely! When we moved to Thailand I knew we had to be really conscious about our luggage weight, but I made sure to prioritize packing at least one pair of high-heels. I brought along my trusty tan wedges that match with anything, and even though I have only had the chance to wear them a handful of times over the last seven months, each time has definitely been worth it.

High heels make date nights feel special.

High heels will make you feel like a girly-girl.

High heels will let you take a break from the minimalist, nomadic lifestyle and let you temporarily feel like a normal woman who has things

I’ve spent my entire adult life saving for travel and prioritizing those expenses over most things, and that includes fashion. It hasn’t always been easy — I would love to curl my hair from time to time, for example, but it’s been more than a year since I’ve owned a curling iron — and I’ve sometimes complained about my desire to just be a normal girl who owns things that are nearly impossible for a nomadic newlywed like me: Perfume! Multiple colors of nail polish! Two pairs of jeans, gasp!

So trust me when I say I totally get it. But having heels on the road will be one little thing to help you feel feminine. For me, it makes all the difference. In the end, traveling will always trump fashion, but I still allow myself this one vice, this one item that makes me feel pretty on the road.

What about you? Do you have a go-to item for feeling pretty while traveling?


8 thoughts on “The Secret to Feeling Pretty Abroad

  1. No heels for me thank you! I tower over everyone in Asia while wearing flats. I do,however, keep some make-up in my bag when I need to feel girly. Best wishes, Melissa 🙂


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