Watching “The Interview” in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By David

Alexis and I went on an unexpected adventure Saturday night.

We were in a songthaew heading down to the Saturday night market on Wulai Road when we started chatting with this other foreigner in the truck.

He mentioned he was going to Wua Lai as well, but heading to Documentary Arts Asia where they were screening the much-maligned Seth Rogan and James Franco movie, The Interview.

James Franco plays celebrity gossip show host, Dave Skylark.

Alexis snapped a quick pic of James Franco playing celebrity gossip show host, Dave Skylark.

Now, if you haven’t heard the chatter about this movie, surely you’ve been living under a rock. Or maybe you’re actually just out living a fun life and don’t have time for internet nonsense.

Either way, here’s a one sentence recap: Supposed North Korean hackers/terrorists said they would attack cinemas showing the film so Sony gave the movie theaters a choice, to show or not to show, and enough chose not to show it that Sony pulled the plug on the whole thing, essentially throwing away 44 million dollars, except they later changed their mind and released it online and everyone has been watching it anyways.

Here’s a nice recap from the BBC.

We were really curious how the movie was so we decided to change plans and tag along with our new friend.

So, How Was It?

For a few days, the movie’s rating on IMDB was 9.9/10, a sign of protest from brave internet freedom-fighters who were just so ticked off by the movie not being released. (Please pick up on my sarcasm). It’s since come down to 7.9, which I feel is a fair score.

We both really liked it. It was your classic Rogan and Franco movie, ala Pineapple Express and This is the End. If you didn’t like those movies, you won’t like this one.

Documentary Arts Asia

We had heard about Documentary Arts Asia months ago and have been meaning to check to it, so this was the perfect serendipitous excuse. They regularly screen a bunch of documentaries and Asian movies. Check out their screening schedule here.

Seating is limited to probably 30 people tops. We arrived 15 minutes late because we got lost once we got off the songthaew, but we were able to snag seats on the upstairs balcony.

DAA's location is a little confusing on their website, but this is where it is. Just south of Chiang Mai Gate on Wua Lai Soi 3.

DAA’s location is a little confusing on their website, but this is where it is. Just south of Chiang Mai Gate on Wua Lai Soi 3.

It’s not a luxurious place by any means — we sat on the floor, no backrests, there were lights obstructing part of the view — but it was definitely worth it. We didn’t know about the suggested 80 baht donation until afterwards, but even with the less than stellar conditions, it’s a cool atmosphere that’s definitely worth $2.50.

Check it out for a fun night in Chiang Mai!


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