I’ve Found The Perfect Travel Buddy

By David

The other day I got an email from Hostelworld that contained this article: 10 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Travel Buddy. While I typically find this Buzzfeed-esqe list articles annoying, I gave it a gander. I thought of Alexis, my partner in crime, and how I’m so lucky to be traveling the world with her.

Don’t get me wrong, being Nomadic Newlyweds definitely has its challenges. We don’t see eye-to-eye all the time, and we often argue about things we wouldn’t have to deal with if we back in America living the typical newlywed life. But Alexis really is the perfect travel buddy. At the end of the day, there’s no one I trust more; I know she’s always on my team. So to piggyback of Hostelworld’s list…

1. She’s inquisitive.

Alexis and I both majored in anthropology, so we carry our interest and knowledge of world cultures with us in our travels. In Indonesia, I remember nerding out about how interesting it is seeing the culture shift from Asian to elements of Polynesian.

Taman Ayun Temple, Bali, Indonesia

These black grass roofs, for example, are everywhere in Bali. They are aesthetically much more Polynesian than Asian, something we found particularly interesting.

2. We’re on the same schedule.

You know what we did almost every night of our recent SE Asia October trip? We were in bed by 9pm watching a movie. We may only be 25, but we’re old people at heart. We both get tired early and aren’t usually up for late night partying.

3. She very respectful.

The article refers to partners not pulling their own weight, not participating in the planning of your trip, etc. This is not Alexis. Everything we did in Borneo was all due to the research work of my lovely wife.

4. We’re Insta-compatible.

We both like to Instagram every now and again, but neither of us like to put ourselves out there too much on social media. We both find over-sharing slightly uncomfortable and prefer to keep things light and happy for our followers.

5. Her money is mine, and my money is hers. 

I could see how traveling with someone who’s much better off financially than you would be challenging. You would always feel like the one holding things back because you can’t afford to do the same activities. As do most married people, Alexis and consider everything “ours.” When we go on trips, it’s always How much can we afford to spend? Even before we were married, we thought this way.

6. She’s silly and hilarious. 

Alexis cracks me up all the time. This is her playing damsel in our favorite city, Geneva, Switzerland. Aint she a beaut?


7. We have the same intentions on trips. 

In Bali, all we wanted to do way lay around on the beach. In Borneo, it was important that we saw some wildlife. In Geneva, we explored the town by foot and train all day every day.

8. We have good conversations. 

During our roadtrip in Iceland, our long drives were made so much better by enlightening and entertaining conversation. I remember having the radio on and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky came on followed by Wiz Khalifa’s Work Hard Play Hard and we just started cracking up at how terrible these songs were. What makes it even more funny now is that at the time, we had never heard those songs before so we thought this was some ridiculous Icelandic music. We had no idea we were listening to American songs. Oy…

9. We have the same taste in music. 

See above. Get that trash outta here. One thing I will say, although this doesn’t really have anything to do with traveling, is that I like to sing Christmas songs all year long, while Alexis feels they need to be saved for the holidays. Now that’s it’s officially the holiday season, I’m now “allowed” to sing and listen to my Christmas jams all day long. Which I do. Right now in fact.

10. She’s outgoing. 

While she may not have bungee jumped with me in Interlaken, we can do other outgoing activities together like renting bikes in Pai and riding into the rice paddies #justlikejulia.



Bungee jumping -- check! Doing it in Switzerland was icing on top.


Traveling with a companion is far from easy all the time. We get into arguments, we’re not always on the same page, but what makes traveling with Alexis so great is that I know 100% that she always has my back. Ultimately, differences only serve to strengthen, not divide.

What other qualities would you say are ideal for a travel buddy?


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