5 Things I Won’t Miss About Thailand

By Alexis

A pile of garbage in a picture titled "5 Things I Won't Miss About Thailand"

Come March 31st, my school year will have ended and we will be hopping right on a plane — first, to our surprise destination, then to Indonesia, then (hopefully) to Germany.

And when we do, here are a few things that I will be glad to leave behind

1. Huge, filthy, rabid-looking street dogs coming out of nowhere to bark and snarl at me on the street

2. Brushing my teeth with a water bottle because the tap water is unsafe

3. Never being able to confidently take a deep breath of air outside without worrying I’m going to inhale a mouthful of sewage steam, trash spores, or vehicle exhaust

4. Stores and restaurants being closed whenever they want without warning. Should we shut down on Tuesday afternoon? Sure. Or maybe for two weeks straight? Why not!

5. Not being able to cross my legs in public to avoid offending someone with my pointed feet


That being said, there are of course a few things that I WILL miss about Thailand…

1. My kiddos

2. Cheap dinners. Cheap coffee. Cheap rent. Cheap massages. Cheap things, in general

3. The beautiful temples

4. Seeing monks in everyday life

5. The fluffy, perfectly white clouds that I swear are uniquely Thai

White clouds above the roof of a Thai Buddhist temple at sunset

I mean, they’re just so pretty.


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