Not a Great Day in Thailand

I’ve had a baaaaad day. These four things are seriously dampening my mood at the moment.


…had a failed teaching day where it was difficult to speak for more than 15 seconds without an interruption.

…was overcharged at dinner when the menu clearly stated a different price.

…was cut off by idiot motorcycle drivers who don’t know how to drive in their lanes.

…had an encounter with the big threatening dog that lives on our street.

After posting about the highs and lows of being here earlier today, I’m sorry to report that today has turned out to be an abismal one. Just not a fan of Thailand at the moment.

Grrrrrr. Take me to Europe already.



5 thoughts on “Not a Great Day in Thailand

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that. I hear your pain. We’re bummed out over the miserable rain in Vietnam at the moment. Apparently it’s the offshoot of the Typhoon in the Philippines. Pretty sure my travel research said it was a good time of year for SEA. Anyways, hoping your day gets better. If not, tomorrow is a fresh one.


    • Boo! Yeah, rainy season is supposed to be over! That definitely makes travel days less fun, sorry to hear that :/ Here’s hoping we both have better days tomorrow!


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