Photo Friday: Phi Phi Islands

By Alexis

Picture of boats near the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

After our honeymoon in Phuket, we spent a week down south trying to figure out our next move. Ultimately, we decided on heading up north to Chiang Mai, but before we left, we knew we had to see the one destination that we’d been dreaming about since deciding to move to Thailand: the Phi Phi Islands.

So one day, we bought some last minute tickets on a tour and took the bumpy speedboat ride to the famed islands.

There were a few stops on our tour, but the first activity was swimming near this beautiful outcrop of mountains that literally rose from the middle of the ocean.

Had the place been completely deserted, I think it would have been heaven… The water was a gorgeous turquoise and the rocky cliffs were spectacular to see up close. And for snorkelers, I’m not sure it can be beat. Unfortunately,  we weren’t the only people who’d heard of Phi Phi*, so about two dozen other speedboats were crammed in this cove with us — all us tourists just hoping to get a glimpse of this beautiful place we’d heard so much about.

Still, even with the speedboat exhaust, all the other tourists, and a warning from a Russian tour guide to watch out for *russian russian russian barracuda russian russian*, it was pretty fun to jump out of the boat and swim around, just admiring the view.

In retrospect, I wish I’d done more research in choosing which company to go with (an English speaking tour guide would have been appreciated, for example) but overall I’m glad we decided to take the tour.

And I mean, you can’t come to Thailand and not go to Phi Phi, right?


* Side note for fellow westerners: it’s pronounced “pee pee.” Heehee…


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