AirAsia Announces Amazing Offer: 10 Countries for $150

By Alexis

Edit on Jan. 28, 2015:
Find an update on the AirAsia ASEAN Pass here.

Remember that time we missed our AirAsia connection and had to pay an exorbitant penalty fee to change flights? Well, that had me swearing I’d never fly with AirAsia again, but…a newly announced deal just might have me eating my words.

Apparently, AirAsia will soon be offering a ticket called an ASEAN Pass that lets travelers fly to 10 destinations within a month for a flat rate of about $150 USD total.

So cheap.

The deal is supposed to go live on January 15 of next year. Assuming there’s no catch (e.g. too many blackout dates or crazy hidden fees), this is definitely making me reconsider my plans to avoid their airline. The deal’s too good to pass up!

The flat rate will apparently exclude airport taxes, and those things can be pretty pricey, so the final cost may climb quickly, but even if you only flew to 2 or 3 destinations within that month, I’d say the cost of the ASEAN Pass basically pays for itself. I did a cursory search and couldn’t find the press release on their official website, but I have my fingers crossed that this deal isn’t too good to be true.

And a quick shout out to my friend, Scott at, for the heads up on this amazing deal.

Mark your calendars, fellow travelers! January 15th can’t come soon enough.


5 thoughts on “AirAsia Announces Amazing Offer: 10 Countries for $150

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    • Awesome, thanks for the heads up! Bummer about the price though. And it also looks like the previous rumors of unlimited travel in a 30-day period have been changed as well. It’s now credit-based. Could definitely still be great value though.


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