Photo Friday: Above the Alps

By Alexis

Airplane wing flies above clouds and mountains somewhere in the Alps

I’ve flown on a lot of airplanes in my life…when I was younger, I would fly back and forth between Las Vegas, Nevada (where my dad lives) and Salt Lake City, Utah (where my mom lives) with my siblings twice a month. By age 13, that routine meant I had taken hundreds of flights and gazed out countless airplane windows.

Now, flying over the American west is beautiful in it’s own right (I’ll always maintain Vegas has the world’s best sunsets), but I mean…you just don’t get views like in the desert.

This photo was taken on our flight between Nice, France and Geneva, Switzerland during a trip in May 2013, and I just love how blue everything is! It looks so chilly and bright, like a perfect spring day. I’m just cursing those little specks of dust on my camera sensor, gah! But still… What a beautiful world we live in.


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