“Himalayas Bus Ride” Video Makes My Palms Sweaty

By Alexis

Have you guys seen this video?

Reddit user u/eyildirim posted this video to reddit the other day, and ohemgee. Just watching it makes my heart pound. The edge of the road is crumbling away! They are literally inches from death!

Ugh. I’ll just get out and walk, thanks.

I’m a pretty anxious person by nature and admit that I find a lot of things scary, but I really really don’t like dangerous driving situations.

I’ve cried during an off-roading adventure in Moab, Utah. I’ve had to squeeze my eyes closed during a mountain crossing in Morocco. And more recently, I’ve tried (and failed) not to puke on a twisty trip to Pai, Thailand.

Not my proudest moments.

I wish in these kind of situations I could react the way the guys in the video did and just have a sense of humor about it. I mean, the odds are you’re going to be fine, so you should just laugh it off. But I imagine I’d be a mess…

Then again, if given the choice I would probably just avoid this journey altogether. Does that make me less of a “real” traveler? Avoiding scary trips? It would be nice to always travel like the locals do, but sometimes, I gotta draw a line.

Would you take this bus ride? Would you do it for the crazy story?

I don’t think I’d ever have the guts…



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