Musings During A Thai Massage – Part 2

By David

What where you doing on June 15, 2014? Whatever it was, it was the wrong thing. Why such a harsh statement, you ask? Because Roses on the Road were publishing their first ever blog post and you weren’t around to read it.

Never mind the fact that there was no way you could have known the most epic blog known to mankind was about to explode into existence. Never mind we made no attempts to promote or advertise or draw any kind of attention to our humble blog. Never mind all that. Erroneous!

That first post, “Musings During A Thai Massage,” was published by Mrs. Rose as we spent an unglamorous week in Phuket coming (way, WAY) down from our honeymoon high. Our first $10 massage was the first step towards recovering from our new reality and helped us refocus our minds on living in Thailand.

Since then, we’ve had many more massages. Now in Chiang Mai, we never pay more than $5 for a 60-minute massage, however. Our latest experience was this past Sunday at the park in the southwest corner of the Old City. This is me discovering I can take time lapse videos on my phone that very same day:

 Pretty park, right?

My massage musings were mixed:

1. This is probably the best masseuse I’ve had in Thailand (non-honeymoon resort, that is). And…
2. I’m getting eaten alive!

I’ve always been abnormally sweet, to both humans and mosquitoes. It’s a blessing and a curse. My sweet nature manifested the bad results on this day as the outdoor massage area invited a swarm of mosquitoes to feast on my delicious blood as I was trying to enjoy my massage.

We had never been to an outdoor massage place before that day, so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of my flying foes. We didn’t help my cause by going right at dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

So I got swol in Thailand, but not in the good way. The entire left side of my jaw swelled up in matter of seconds. My lip and chin were lopsided for the rest of the night, with the left side of both puffed out to comical extents.

I had no less than 10 bites across my body, including my face, my arms, my legs, even under my shirt on my back… how does that even happen?!

Now, you might be sitting there in judgmental wonder, asking yourself, “Why didn’t you just swat them away?” Believe me, I was. Over and over again, I broke from my relaxed position to get the minuscule beasts away from me. My masseuse was trying to help the cause too. I even felt her smoosh one on my back…. thanks, I guess?

I wouldn’t say the massage was worth it, but I also think I would go back. My reasons are thus:

  1. The price was right. At 120 Baht ($4) for 60 minutes of massage, it’s the cheapest price I’ve seen in Chiang Mai.
  2. I think the time of day did play a factor in the amount of mosquitoes around. Going back, I would smother myself in insect repellant and not at 5:30pm.
  3. A lot of times during Thai massages, the masseuse will get lost in conversation with their coworkers and kind of just plod around your back for a number of minutes. This lady was guilty of that less than others.
  4. I really enjoy that park, and the idea of getting a massage there is still enticing to me.
  5. Alexis didn’t get bit at all, which means there’s hope. Despite my overwhelming sweetness, given the appropriate precautions, I believe I can make myself less attractive. It will be hard, but I won’t give up.

2 thoughts on “Musings During A Thai Massage – Part 2

  1. I had some nice afternoons in that park this February. (Check out posts here: I didn’t ever get a massage there though. Where I did go was the temple on the corner of Ratchadamnoen and soi 5 and although there was sometimes a wait I found them pretty good. Chiang Mai does mozzies big time – I suppose it’s being surrounded by that moat. They love to bite me too 😦


  2. I’ll have to check out that wat. I’ve seen signs for a wat right on Ratchadamnoen that have 120 baht massages, but I don’t think it’s the same one on soi 5 you mentioned.


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