Photo Friday: California Branches

By Alexis

Overexposure of tree branches on a sunny day in California

I’m indecisive when it comes to making decisions on most things, but especially with my career choices. I admit I’m all over the map… I’ve considered careers from actress to journalist to producer to photographer and now to teacher.

The summer this photo was taken, I had just graduated from the University of Utah with my bachelor’s degree in anthropology, which I was planning to use for my intended career at the time: archaeologist.

I was lucky to land a position with the Student Conservation Association where I got to work as an archaeology intern in the Klamath National Forest in rural California. I didn’t pack much to bring with me that summer, but I made sure to prioritize packing my photo gear, including my first DSLR camera: a Nikon D200. I learned a lot that summer, including:

1) I’m not cut out for the outdoorsy archaeologist lifestyle


2) How to play around with my camera settings

On the weekends, I could usually be found hanging out around the barracks where I lived, but on rare occassions I’d head over to Meiss Lake, a pretty little area that was just a few minutes drive from my house and is perfect for camping, short hikes, swimming, and fishing.

I snapped this shot on one of those outings as I wandered around the lake’s path, quietly experimenting with my camera, capturing anything I found interesting. I love that this shot is overexposed and how the tree looks so…scraggly. It makes me miss summertime in America.

And lately I’ve realized that I’m really drawn to overly exposed photos. I always find myself drooling over the bright, blown out, backlit shots — like the simplicity of this gorgeous seascape or these swoon-worthy photos from Gary Pepper Girl. That’s something I’d like to work on doing more of in my own photography.

These days, I don’t dabble in archaeology very often and I’ve upgraded (downgraded?) to a smaller, mirrorless Sony camera, but I still love practicing photography when I get the time. Even if the shots are a little odd 🙂


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