Photo Friday: Icelandic Waterfall

David stands in front of Skogafoss Waterfall in southern Iceland

Skogafoss – Iceland

Since moving to Thailand we have spent a lot of time in hot, humid environments, and sometimes, when I’m dripping sweat in an AC-less restaurant while swatting at mosquitos and chugging room temperature water, I find myself daydreaming about this magical country we once visited: Iceland.

Iceland is one of those places you travel to that you just can’t stop thinking about after you’ve left. (Can you tell I like Iceland?) It’s so…different than any other place I’ve been. One of the coolest things about the country is the sheer number of waterfalls. During our trip in 2013, we could barely drive a mile without spotting one in the volcanic hillsides that lined the 1, the ring road that runs around the country.

The waterfall pictured here, Skogafoss, is particularly awesome. Not only is it massive but you could walk right up to it like David did in the photo above.

A truly jaw dropping sight.


(Oh and Happy Halloween everybody!)


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