Photo Friday: Coastline in Nice, France

Photo Friday: Coastline in Nice, France


By Alexis

While Nice, France may not have the most amazing beaches when you’re up close (rocky shores + crowds = not my ideal spot for relaxation), the coast sure does look pretty from up high.

From the top of Castle Hill, you can get this beautiful view of the city and its stunning coastline. The water really is that blue. It’s so so lovely.

France was the first place I experienced international travel at the age of 14, so it will always hold a special place in my heart, but to be honest the city of Nice is not my cup of tea. When we were there in spring 2013, it felt grungy and unsafe, especially at night. I also found the people to be cold and unwelcoming, which was surprising because I’ve always been the first person to defend against the stereotype of French people being unfriendly. I’ve had amazing experiences in Paris and Riems up north, but Nice just doesn’t do it for me.

Still, it does have the perfect blue waters and quaint orange-roofed houses that I always pictured speckling the French Riviera. If we were to do this trip again, we’d take a bus to a tiny village in between some of the main tourist hot spots (like Nice, Marseille, Cannes, etc.) and shack up there.


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