True Stories From Thailand (part 3)

By Alexis

Wat Monthian

A beautiful day at Wat Monthian in Chiang Mai’s Old City

In a first grade class…
Me [to one of the more rambunctious kids]: Are you going to be a super student today?
Student: No! Super gorilla! [pounds fists on chest]

Mid-shower on a normal Thursday evening, the water in our apartment started sputtering then just completely shut off. Not a drip left. Poor David had shampoo in his hair and was totally lathered in soap. Luckily we had a few extra water bottles in the fridge, so I heated some up in our electric kettle and David had to use that to wash off.

I walk into one of my third grade classes, and the first thing someone says to me…
Student A: Teacher! Student B say T. Alexis sexy!
Me: Umm…

The other day, I walked into our kitchen, only to find a dead lizard. On the counter. Covered in ants. Ugh.

Making conversation with a nice older Thai woman at dinner, she was trying to describe a U.S. state, and it just struck me as an interesting outside perspective…
Her: My daughter is in America!
David: Oh, cool, what state?
Her: With oak…
Me: Oklahoma?
Her: Oak…oak tree…Wait!
[she goes to look for her daughter’s address and returns]
Her: California!

After handing out a review sheet for the final exam in first grade and telling them to study at home, one of my kids had an ah-ha moment…
Student [whining]: Why do I have to read this at home?
Me: Because if you read it and remember it, it will help you on Friday when you take the test.
Student [it suddenly clicks for him]: Oh! So it will help me learn!


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