True Stories From Thailand (part 2)

Teaching a first grade class with one student who’s particulary good with English…
Student [interrupting the lesson]: How do I get the shell out of here?
Me: What??
Student: I heard it in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie…


Another first grade class…
Me: Make sure to color your pictures beautifully!
Student [laughing at me]: Teacher! Beautiful, not beauti-flee!


The best stories come out of first grade…
: Can anyone tell me a word that starts with a short “u” sound? Uh uh…?
Student: Underwear!
[Class erupts in hysterical laughter]


Reading a poem in a third grade class…
Me: “A rabbit would never look scary, unless he lost his ‘hairy.'” Can anyone tell me what “hairy” means?
Student: Harry Potter!


The other day in a first grade class, one student — we’ll call him  student “A” — got a bloody nose and accidentally dripped on the floor. Then student B proceeds to dip his finger in the blood and rub it on student C’s face. Later that same day, student D pooped their pants.

Yep. All in a day’s work.


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