A Quick Trip to Pai

I had a four-day weekend off from my job as an English teacher recently, so we decided to take advantage of the time and head to a lovely little town in northern Thailand: Pai.

If you spend any amount of time in Thailand, you’re bound to hear about Pai. We had heard so many great things about it, and now that we’ve been there, I can see why everyone’s obsessed. It’s definitely a must-see.

It has the picturesque rice paddies that I’ve always imagined seeing in Thailand, lovely mountainous surroundings, and a really fun, slow atmosphere.

Getting there was easy enough: The day before our trip, David popped into Chiang Mai’s Arcade Bus Station and bought us two one-way tickets on a mini-van for the 3 hour journey for 150 baht each (about $4.50 USD). Seats were assigned and luckily we snagged spots towards the front.

Tip: If you get carsick like me, make sure to take an anti-nausea pill well before you get on the road since the route from Chiang Mai is notoriously twisty. The city loves to brag about the fact there are 762 turns on the road to Pai. Ugh.

Somehow, I survived the trip there. The return trip however was…not so great. Let’s just say the emergency barf bag I’ve had stashed in my purse for years finally got some use. Even though driving is never my preferred form of transportation, I must admit that I loved the stunning Thai countryside that we got to see along the way.

When we arrived, we spent our first half hour aimlessly wandering the streets, trying to find Paiburee Guest House, where we had booked a room for about $15 USD a night. Its location was incorrect on Google Maps and we hadn’t written any other address down (rookie mistake…). For the record, it’s actually located here.

For the price, the guest house was an alright deal. The bed was comfy, the room was private, and breakfast (albeit a meager one) was included. Biggest con? You weren’t allowed to flush toilet paper (yes, really) so you were forced to use Thailand’s infamous bum guns or place your TP in a trash can by the toilet. Not so great…

We had two very different ideas for our weekend in Pai: 1) Do adventurous things like river rafting, or 2) Laze around and do nothing. True to character, we opted for the latter. We ate tons of great food, took a leisurely bike ride around town, spent a few hours by the pool, read books, and just relaxed.

Bum guns, getting lost, and barf bags aside, I swear we really had a great trip. Check out some of our photos below!



The courtyard of Paiburee Guest House



You thought I was kidding.


Dessert Breakfast at a little coffee shop called All About Coffee. Amazing brownie!






And *this* is why Thailand needs English teachers.







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