True Stories From Thailand

Teaching a first grade class…
Me: A “cab” is also called a “taxi.”  Repeat after me: taxi.
Student: Sexy?? [stands up, lifts shirt, and starts dancing]


Some background: Farang means “foreigner” in Thai, but the negative connotation is “white person.” While waiting in line at the grocery store…
Little girl [pointing at a white woman]: Farang! Farang!
Me [to David]: I’m not sure, but I think that little girl just called someone a farang…
Little girl [now pointing at me]: Farang! Farang!
Me: Yeeeep.


Grading worksheets from a third grade class…
Me: Write a sentence using a “bl-” word.
Student: Mother buys some blow.


On a particularly sunny day with my first graders…
Me: It is hot!
Student: [takes a 20 baht bill from his pocket and wipes sweaty face with it]


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