A Heavenly Honeymoon in Thailand

By Alexis

Our honeymoon in June was spent blissfully relaxing in two resorts along the coast of southern Thailand. It was quite the journey getting there (from Honolulu to Phuket, it was something like 36 hours of travel), but when we finally arrived and settled in, it all felt worth it. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect honeymoon…

For the first three days, we stayed at Dewa Nai Yang Beach Resort (booked via Jetsetter) in a lovely villa with an outdoor shower and our own private pool. We chose this hotel because of its privacy (your room and pool were surrounded by a fence) and its close proximity to the beach.

Dewa also boasted an awesome pool next to the hotel’s bar/restaurant, which was open to all guests and made poolside snacks and drinks convenient. Dewa also happens to be right next to Sirinath National Park, which meant lots of pretty trees and nice sunset walks along the ocean shore. We got a couple’s massage here, but we spent the majority of our time lounging in the pools and eating delicious food.

For the second half of our honeymoon, we decided to go all out and stay in a Cliff Pool Villa at Paresa Resort (also booked via Jetsetter). It was paradise…truly, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and probably the nicest hotel I’ll ever stay in. We learned that the hotel’s name means “heaven of all heavens” in Sanskrit, and I could not imagine a more perfect description.

Paresa is perched right on the edge of these beautiful cliffs, looking west over the sea, so we got to see some spectacular sunsets from the comfort of our very own private infinity pool. Ultra luxurious 🙂

While at Paresa, we were able to use some of the gift money that we received from our Wanderable honeymoon registry (check out our actual registry here!) to treat ourselves to a cooking class and some fancy spa treatments (body scrubs and massages for two).

Check out some highlights below!


Not excited at all, obviously.


Goodbye, Hawaii…


…and hello, Japan! (for a couple hours, anyway)


From Japan, we went to Singapore, where we had an eight hour overnight layover. You mean sleeping on wooden benches isn’t on everyone’s dream honeymoon checklist?


Our first moments in Thailand.


The honeymoon suite, complete with swan towels and rose petals for Mr. and Mrs. Rose 🙂

Our own private pool

Our own private pool

New wife. New bling on my left hand. Happy happy happy.

Happy to be Mrs. Rose (and check out that bling!)


Morning walks on the beach.


Cute husband in front of Dewa’s shared pool.


Mmmm. Post wedding carb-o-load.


Packed up and ready to leave Dewa. On to Paresa!


Upon arrival in our heavenly villa at Paresa. (Pro-tip: If you want the hotel to know it’s your honeymoon so you can have fancy decorations too, you have to subtly TELL them it’s your honeymoon. Sadly, they cannot read minds.)


Huge tub with flower petals looking over the ocean.

The view from our infinity pool. To the left, you can see another room, but luckily we didn't have any neighbors the whole time! We were a corner room, so there were just trees to our right. It was a private, perfect heaven. (For those curious, we were in room #307. I'd definitely recomend requesting this room if you're looking for privacy!)

The view from our infinity pool. To the left, you can see another room, but luckily we didn’t have any neighbors the whole time! We were a corner room, so there were just trees to our right. It was a private, perfect heaven. (For those curious, we were in room #307. I’d definitely recomend requesting this room if you’re looking for privacy, but #308 had a less obstructed view.)


Our luggage space was limited since we were planning to live/work in Thailand after the honeymoon, but I let myself bring this one totally impractical (but totally honeymoon-y) outfit.


Sadly, we never saw a monkey. Guess we’ll just have to visit again!

The walk to Paresa's cliffside restaurant. In this one restaurant, there are two menus to choose from: One Thai, and one Italian. Both amazing.

The walk to Paresa’s cliffside restaurant. In this one restaurant, there are two different menus to choose from: one with Thai food, and one Italian. Both amazing.


Walking the many many stairs to dinner. Good way to burn off calories from the late night room service calls and all-you-can-eat breakfasts.


Where we had our couple’s massage… heaven, right??


I took this picture because A) My husband is so gorgeous, I can’t even stand it. And B) You can see he has a little burn under his bellybutton from the hot (really hot) compress massage he got earlier in the day. They aren’t kidding with those things.


The view from our pool…


Dinner date at sunset with this handsome guy.


The personalized menu for our private “Infinity Pool Dinner.”


Pictures really don’t do it justice.


Excited to be married! 😀 😀 😀




We took a private Thai cooking class from Paresa’s amazing chef.


Cheese! Er, lemongrass?


View from the kitchen.


Our last Paresa sunset.


Take me back…


Perfect end to a perfect honeymoon.

Thanks again to all our friends and family who helped make our dream honeymoon a reality. It really was amazing.

If you have any questions about the honeymoon planning process or hotels, feel free to comment here!


8 thoughts on “A Heavenly Honeymoon in Thailand

  1. These fotos of Paresa are just amazing. Seems like you had a perfect honeymoon experience. Was there anything you missed at the hotel or did it prove to be perfect?


    • Thanks for the comment! Honestly, it was pretty perfect. But…I wouldn’t recommend getting the Thai Boran massage (the hot compress massage that burned my husband, David), and if you get carsick, maybe take a pill before driving up the windy roads to the hotel (it is on a cliff afterall…). Otherwise, it was really spectacular!


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