Our New Favorite Restaurant in Chiang Mai

By Alexis

Guys. This is serious. You know those nights where you can’t stand to even look at another plate of pad thai or bowl of pork noodle soup? Well, we just discovered a restaurant that will curb all your cravings for good ol’ fashioned western classics.

Chiang Mai’s Three Little Pigs.

It. Is. Amazing.

David and I stumbled upon it the other day as we were walking toward the food carts at the Old City’s north gate, and decided to give it a try. Though it’s quite a bit more expensive than your standard 35 baht ($1 USD) Thai meal, the food itself was worth every penny.

Their menu is a mix of American soul food (they’ve got everything from fried chicken and waffles to chili smothered hot dogs) and Mexican cuisine (I’m talking enchiladas and chips with guacamole). It took us a good ten minutes to decide what we wanted, and while we deliberated, we got to snack on some delicious (and free) jalapeno corn bread. Ultimately we went with:

For him: Chicken and shrimp jambalaya, with sides of sweet potato-apple-bacon hash and garlic mashed potatoes.

For her: BBQ pulled pork, with sides of macaroni and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes.

Great. Now I’m drooling.

We seriously had to resist coming here for dinner and breakfast the next day. It was that good. For our two huge meals (I couldn’t even finish mine…quitter, I know) and two drinks it came to about 600 baht (about $19 USD), and we ordered some of the most expensive things on the menu.

The atmosphere was also fun and like nothing else we’ve seen in Chiang Mai. There was funky bluegrass music playing in the background and an American gentleman with full white beard (who I would guess is the owner) napping on a bed in the corner. There was a TV and historic black and white photos of the American south on the walls. In the room next door, there was even a playground for little kids, complete with a trampoline. There were a few families dining while we were there, and if we had kids, I imagine we’d eat here daily.

Find Three Little Pigs here:


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