Let’s Talk About Dogs

Alexis and I have wanted a dog for a long time, but it’s difficult when you don’t stay put for longer than a few months at a time. As the dog enviers we are, we’ve naturally noted man’s best friend where ever we go. The last two places we’ve lived in particular (London and Thailand) have very interesting, and different, dog realities.

There were two things that shocked me about London: how no one there is British and how well behaved the dogs are. Dogs are so well behaved in London that they aren’t on leashes. Like, any of them. What’s weirder is that they don’t even seem to notice other humans besides their owner at all.

We went to Hyde Park almost every day during those four month, and we never stopped being amazed at how different the behavior of these dogs was from what we’re used to in the States. Dogs will run off and do there own thing and their owners will just keep walking, knowing their dogs will eventually find them. And they always did. Every few minutes the dog will look up from the grass of whatever it’s sniffing, locate their owner, and run after him or her. It was the coolest thing.

We were never quite sure exactly why, but we just assumed it was a huge societal pressure to train your dogs really well in England. Perhaps there are strict laws against unruly dogs, or maybe people just feel ashamed if they have a barking and crazy dog.

Whatever the reason may be, sadly, we never saw a case of, “Fenton! Oh, Jesus Christ!”

Now, Thailand on the other hand, has a much different dog situation. One that we can’t say we’re too big fans of. There are stray dogs (called soi dogs) everywhere in Thailand. Literally, multiple dogs on every street. The vast majority of them don’t pay you any mind, but there have been a few who have barked and chased after us. Alexis hates that like none other.

The amount of strays just give off a sad, dirty feel usually. But that’s Thailand. You take the good with the bad.

It’s just a strange contrast for us. Having lived in those places back-to-back really accentuates the differences. London, with it’s proper and polite British culture wouldn’t dream of having a dog out of order  and Thailand, with an “eh, whatever” attitude about everything.

We still won’t be getting a dog here, not only because of our up-in-the-air timeframe, but because we wouldn’t want our lil’ pup being eaten by nasty soi dogs.


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